Adelbodner Vogellisi cabins from Calag

14. September 2020

The VogellisiBerg in Adelboden has one more attraction since this summer.

For the Garaventa cable car from Oey to Sillerenbühl two gondolas were designed in Vogellisi style. Calag was allowed to recondition the gondolas and also to take over the complete lettering.

The new 3.5 km long Vogellisi adventure trail from the Sillerenbühl mountain station to Gilbachegge is dotted with ten adventure posts and a spacious barbecue area for families. In order to get visitors into the right mood for the Vogellisi as soon as they arrive by cable car, two VIP gondolas have been completely refurbished in the Vogellisi look.

From old to new

The two new Vogellisi gondolas are based on two old cabins of the 6-seater single-cable gondola from Oey to Sillerenbühl. The cabins have been refurbished from scratch by Calag to meet the requirements of a VIP gondola. For this purpose, the complete cabins were dismantled, the interior equipment, doors and windows were dismantled and the cabin skeleton was reconditioned.

Calag paid a lot of attention to the exterior of the cabins. They were repainted and then completely covered with a digital foil print. The windows were fitted with coloured plastic glazing to make the cabins blend in perfectly with the Adelboden mountain world and the bird lisi theme. The two gondolas thus also stand out visually from the standard cabins.

Interior finishing of the Calag Vogellisi cabins in Chalet Style

The WOW effect in the new Vogellisi gondolas comes with the view inside. The cabins are finished with an interior design in alpine style. Passengers, especially families, should immerse themselves in the world of Vogellisis and let their gaze wander over the beautiful landscape.

But also the bridge to modernity is not missing. The cabins are equipped with discreet LED interior lighting and a contemporary audio system. During the journey the guests can listen to the story of the Vogellisi. All electronics are invisible to the passenger and yet easily accessible for maintenance.

To add the finishing touch to the overall alpine impression, the seats are fitted with cushions in the traditional Swiss army wool blanket design.

Everything from a single source at Calag

Thanks to the complete range of services from cabin construction, painting to labelling, Calag was able to handle the entire order efficiently and provide the new gondolas for the VogellisiBerg.


For more information on all offers around the Vogellisiberg, please visit the official website of VogellisiBerg.

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