Repair: renovation of 12 gondolas for the Niederhornbahn AG

13. March 2014

Scope of work

Niederhornbahn AG, some of the cabins completely renovated by Calag. Photo Niederhornbahn AG

Refurbishment of 12 gondolas after a long period of operation, in exchange from spring to autumn, always 2 gondolas.


Niederhornbahn AG

Throughput time of 2 gondolas

4 weeks


Dismantling of the gondolas down to the base frame and dismantling of the doors down to the frame, removal of the windows and their guides and sealing rubbers. We also removed the oxidised door panels and made new ones, and dismantled the benches and the interior cladding. Afterwards the windows were cut out and their frames were cleaned and thus prepared for the new assembly. The floor covering and the wooden floor were removed and the oxidised side wall panels were replaced.

Surface treatment

Sandblasting of the rough framework with a visual check for cracks. The cracks in the polyester parts were all repaired.

For protection, a moisture-absorbing interior lacquer and a 2-coat exterior lacquer were applied.


This was followed by the assembly of the complete interior fittings. The roof sheets were cleaned and re-bonded. New side windows were cut and installed and the renovated doors were fitted.

Calag Gafur Jakup

Gafur Jakup

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