New bulk trailer for Urs Bühler AG

25. March 2021

Urs Bühler AG from Wohlhusen in Entlebuch (CH) specializes in transporting bulk and loose materials of all kinds. The stately family business now comprises a fleet of 19 state-of-the-art vehicles with silo, moving floor, and bulk bodies as well as trailers. For the trucks, owner Urs Bühler relies exclusively on the Scania brand. As a specialist for bulk and loose goods transport solutions, Calag has already been able to supply several bodies for the various superstructures and trailers, and the latest addition to the Urs Bühler AG fleet also comes from Calag.

To expand its fleet, Urs Bühler AG ordered a new bulk trailer from Calag. As an alternative to the Calag RKS bulk bodies, of which the company already has several in operation, this time owner Urs Bühler decided on a bulk solution designed as a semitrailer, but without having to forego the Calag advantages.

The trailer is based on a Benalu OptiLine trailer and has been upgraded by Calag with various bulk components in order to be optimally equipped for the needs of Urs Bühler AG. Various individual adaptations according to customer requirements were also made to the trailer. The bulk trailer has a capacity of 56.5 m3.

Calag Loose material solution

The trailer offers extra volume compared to a classic body solution. This was the decisive factor in the selection of the vehicle type for Urs Bühler. However, in order to retain the flexibility and unloading options of the Calag RKS body, these were retrofitted to the Benalu trailer by the Calag team. For example, it was additionally equipped with an auger trough and a blow-out sluice. To maximize ground clearance when tipping the trailer, the complete airlock was mounted at an angle of 8°.

The Calag system can be controlled via the control system mounted on the trailer. A customized version of the Calag control system was configured for Urs Bühler AG. Together with Urs Bühler, this was calibrated so that it could be used in the same version as that used on the Calag bulk cargo bodies in the Urs Bühler fleet.

Neatness as a must have on the truck

Urs Bühler is a specialist in the transport of loose and bulk materials and has a precise idea of how his vehicles should be designed. Especially with regard to tidiness and cleanliness, some adjustments to the vehicle were designed and realized by the Calag team.

Holding gallows and special arrangement for hydraulic lines
To ensure that the hydraulic connections are always orderly, easily accessible and connected without risk of tearing, the trailer was fitted with an additional retaining gallows. The pneumatic and electrical connections were also rearranged according to the customer’s wishes in order to be equally accessible from both sides.

Shuttering trailer rear
The entire rear of the trailer has been provided with formwork. This reduces the risk of loose material getting under the trailer during the unloading process.

All tool boxes exactly according to customer requirements
The requirement was to maximize storage space and have a completely watertight design for all boxes. This was achieved with the shape of the boxes and specific latches that tighten the box lids more when closed.

Silencer on conveying line
In order to minimize the noise of the machine in operation, the delivery line has a built-in silencer.

Shielding of lighting and camera at the rear
A small cover has been fitted for the lighting and rear view camera at the rear of the trailer. This means that they are less exposed to weather and water.

With the new trailer, Urs Bühler AG has another efficient transporter for bulk and loose materials in its fleet. Thanks to the new lettering, the latest vehicle also fits perfectly into the fleet in terms of appearance and is immediately recognized around the Wohlhusen region as a genuine “Urs Bühler”. We wish Urs Bühler AG all the best with its new trailer!


Calag as an expert for bulk and loose transports of any kind

Calag Carrosserie Langenthal AG is a reliable partner for Swiss transport companies with a wide range of bulk transport solutions. There is hardly a renowned Swiss transport company that does not rely on Calag transport solutions in this area. With its experienced team in design and vehicle construction, Calag adapts each vehicle individually to the customer’s requirements in order to get the maximum out of every journey.


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New bulk trailer for Urs Bühler AG

25. March 2021

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