Calag – custom built cabins for special applications in passenger transport

Calag Gangloff’s large know-how in lightweight body manufacturing also finds a strong request in bodies for cabins for special applications of any kind.  Peoplemovers (e.g. Zurich Airport), inclined elevators (Eiffeltower, Montreal Olympic stadium etc.) and very individual cabins for Ferris Wheels or the exclusive North Star cabins on the Royal Caribbean International cruise ships.

Individual cabin designs

Cable cars are a figurehead, an attraction or even a trademark of countries, cities, mountain regions or urban areas. A ride on a cable car is no longer a means to an end but an experience. This requires shapely, timeless and modern cabins that can be perfectly integrated into the overall concept and marketed well.

We are used to working closely with architects and designers to create the best possible design and functionality according to customer requirements. We look forward to your challenge.

Expertise in the construction of light weight bodies

For all these cabins the wide range of experience of Calags car body specialists is highly welcome. The state oft he art know-how in secure and genuine door-operators and all kind of hightech glazing for best panoramic views paired with exclusive and individual design for interior and exterior appearance are a trademark of Calags/Gangloffs products.

Calag Marc Pfister

Marc Pfister

Sales Manager Cabins Gangloff / Board Member

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Calag Thomas Hügli

Thomas Hügli

Head of Vehicle and Cabin Construction / Board Member

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Calag Michael Späti

Michael Späti

Head of Sales & Marketing / Board Member

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