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Lackierung Kabinen

Cabin painting

After-sales, retrofitting and repair services for all kinds of coaches and cabins for cable cars, narrow-gauge railways and more

With our comprehensive know-how in car body repair services, we are your partner for all kinds of repair work, retrofitting and modifications on coaches and cabins for cable cars and other transport systems.
The complete Gangloff archive allows us to guarantee the spare parts services for all Gangloff vehicles, which is particularly important with an average lifespan of 30-40 years.

Our state-of-the-art repairs department is equipped with the latest equipment and skilled staff for efficient repair and retrofit jobs on all passenger transport vehicles – from buses to cable car cabins.
Our skilled staff work in this field day after day and we attach great importance to their ongoing advanced training in their professions.

Our special competencies allow all kinds of modifications on existing vehicles such as:

  • Installation of air-conditioning systems
  • Modification and installation of electric or pneumatic door systems
  • Visual facelifting and modernisation of all kinds of coaches and cabins
  • Adjustments to meet current technical standards or new regulations
  • Inspection and replacement of all safety-related parts
  • On-site repairs such as window replacement etc.

Benefit from the entire Calag range

Development, construction, assembly, repairs, service, painting and labelling – all from a single source. We take care of everything relating to your cabins.

Calag Marc Pfister

Marc Pfister

Sales Manager Cabins Gangloff / Board Member

T +41 79 209 05 01

Calag Thomas Hügli

Thomas Hügli

Head of Vehicle and Cabin Construction / Board Member

T +41 62 919 42 41

Domenico Condello

Customer service cabin construction

T +41 62 919 42 23

Guido Ammon

Guido Ammon

Project Manager Sales Cabin Construction

T +41 62 919 41 67
M +41 79 243 59 40

Calag Heinz Arn

Heinz Arn

Customer Service - Cabins

T +41 79 471 37 80

Calag Urs Friedli

Urs Friedli

Project Manager Cabin Construction

T +41 62 919 42 24

Andreas Däster

Engineering / Projekt Manager

T +41 62 919 42 48

Thomas Maibach

Engineering / Projekt Manager

T +41 62 919 42 35