Development and construction of cabins according to customer requirements

Our designers and engineers design the right cabin specifically for your desired project in compliance with the applicable regulations. In our technical department with around 12 employees, we ensure that your project aspirations become reality.


  • Regulations such as CEN, BAV, ANSI etc.
  • Precise risk analysis

Safety components:

  • Loaded support frame profiles and connections
  • Material certificates and material inspections
  • Calculations including FEM analysis

Drawings and documentation:

  • Detailed drawings in 3D
  • Parts lists
  • Tools and gauge construction
  • Assembly instructions
  • CE conformity inspection
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • Spare parts lists


  • Fatigue tests for support frames
  • Door endurance tests
  • Impact tests
Calag Urs Friedli

Urs Friedli

Project Manager Cabin Construction

T +41 62 919 42 24

Andreas Däster

Engineering / Projekt Manager

T +41 62 919 42 48

Thomas Maibach

Engineering / Projekt Manager

T +41 62 919 42 35