Painting of cabins & train

With us you are brilliantly on your way

Whether funiculars, gondolas, trains or parts thereof, we find the appropriate specification of the coating for every object. We offer complete repainting, design painting, new painting or repair painting.

With our many years of experience and a large, modern painting department, we are ideally equipped for all types and sizes of special transport vehicles. Good pre-treatment guarantees a long service life, for example by sandblasting and the selection of the optimum paint. Depending on the requirements, we are able to meet a wide range of paint specifications. From high UV protection to heavy rust protection, we can refine your means of transport with our wet coatings and protect it from environmental influences.

Wet lacquers provide high mechanical resistance. This is reflected in the high scratch resistance as well as abrasion resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance and impact resistance. Wet paints can be applied to a wide variety of surface structures and are available in a wide range of colours. They are characterised by a long service life and are easy to clean when soiled. This makes wet paints the optimal surface treatment for your means of transport.


Calag Pascal Lehmann

Pascal Lehmann

Head of Paint Shop

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