Repair & Service for your commercial vehicle

Calag is well known for its special bodies made to customer specifications. To be able to work efficiently and economically, regular service and sustainable repair work is important for all transport companies. Here too, Calag is your reliable partner.

In addition to the repair centre for damage to chassis and undercarriage, Calag also offers service and maintenance for all hydraulic and electronic components in your vehicles. With many years of experience, Calag’s experts ensure that your commercial vehicle functions perfectly when in use.


Reparatur Bremsen Anhänger

Truck, Trailer & Bodies

No damage is too great to be repaired in the Calag repair centre. With modern workshop equipment, designed to meet the requirements of the commercial vehicle sector, Calag’s experts get your vehicle back on the road. Even major accident damage is professionally repaired at Calag.


Our electrical department is committed to fulfilling all customer wishes individually. To do this, it is important to master the latest state of the art. We have already been able to realise various projects in which, thanks to our innovative equipment and technical possibilities, we have been able to implement significant improvements in user-friendliness and safety for the users. We work together with all manufacturers of commercial vehicles and can access the on-board electronics of the vehicles via the CAN bus interface. Via this interface, inexpensive and compact controls and monitoring systems can be realised.

Sicherheitssteuerung  für Elektro LKW
Hydraulik für LKW
Hydraulik für LKW
Hydraulik Losegut


Do you have problems with an existing hydraulic system or do you want an additional function or even a new system that has to be built for a very specific purpose? With our know-how we can definitely help you. We work together with various suppliers and offer everything from simple mechanically operated valves to pulse width modulated valves with ramp control via mobile phones.

We owe our extensive experience not least to the many different problem applications that we have been able to solve together with our customers.

Calag Hanspeter Michel

Hanspeter Michel

Head of Repair & Service / Board Member

T +41 62 919 42 62