Calag Gangloff – Coaches for Funicular railway systems

Since 1929 Gangloff is manufacturing carbodies for Funicular railway systems. And up to this date most of the funiculars worldwide are equipped with Gangloff-vehicles. In 1933 Gangloff built the first full-aluminium bodies for the Schwyz-Stoos funicular and since then almost 200 individually designed carriages for funiculars and cog-railways were built at Gangloff – most of them today are still in operation.

Lightweight design is of highest importance also in this field and so Calag together with its ex-Gangloff crew and its state of the art infrastructure is your right partner in the world of funiculars and cog-railways.

References for Funicular railway coaches with global appeal

The first vehicles for the new fast underground funiculars in Zermatt and Saas-Fee as well as the actual carriages of world famous Hongkong Peak Tram or the 400-passenger trains of Hongkongs Ocean Park funiculars – all of them were designed and built in their individual design at Gangloff.


Calag Marc Pfister

Marc Pfister

Sales Manager Cabins Gangloff / Board Member

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Calag Thomas Hügli

Thomas Hügli

Head of Vehicle and Cabin Construction / Board Member

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Calag Michael Späti

Michael Späti

Head of Sales & Marketing / Board Member

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