Delivery of the first wagon body for Pilatus Bahnen

16. April 2021

The first of a total of eight new cars for Pilatus-Bahnen AG left the Calag workshop and was delivered to Stadler Rail in Bussnang for completion and assembly of the drive. The beautifully designed rack railroad cabin was transported open on the truck trailer and attracted a lot of attention on the way from Langenthal to Bussnang.

A railcar on the highway is certainly not an everyday sight. And so some heads turned after the special transport of the first of a total of 8 new railcars for Pilatus-Bahnen AG from the Calag workshops in Langenthal to the Stadler Rail works in Bussnang.

Special cargo - regular transport

The company Rö-Trans AG from Bützberg specializes in the transport of glass, bulk materials & special transports and took over the transfer of the new wagon body from Calag in Langenthal to Stadler Rail in Bussnang (TG). The wagon body for Pilatus-Bahnen AG has total dimensions of 12m in length and 2.13m in width and, thanks to Calag’s light metal construction, weighs only 5,750 kg.

Due to the open transport, the wagon was easily visible during the journey and the combination of the Volvo 460 of Rö-Trans AG and the Pilatus wagon body of Calag attracted a lot of attention from pedestrians and other road users during the approximately two-hour journey from Langenthal to Bussnang.

Due to the length of the body, the transport was carried out on a special extendable semi-trailer. This meant that the overall length of the combination reached a total of 19 meters, which required a special permit for the excess length. Thanks to the trailer’s steered rear axle, however, the team was able to get around the traffic circles typical of Langenthal without any problems. The load securing of the valuable cargo was easily ensured thanks to generously designed lashing points on the wagon, so that the wagon was stably secured on the trailer during the entire journey.

The first of eight identical type car bodies for the Dragon Mountain

This first car also serves as a prototype for the other seven models that are now being produced. The wagon is now being connected to the substructure and the drive unit at Stadler Rail, which has overall responsibility for the construction of the new wagons.

The finished car will then be delivered to the valley station of Pilatus-Bahnen AG, where it will be put on the rails of the world’s steepest rack-and-pinion railroad (up to 48%) from Alpnachstad to the summit of Mount Pilatus for the first time and extensively tested. Any adjustments to the car or the interior can thus be determined directly and incorporated into the construction of the other seven car units.

By 2023, all eight wagons will have been assembled in the Calag workshops and delivered to Stadler Rail and then to Pilatus-Bahnen AG. On the Langenthal – Bussnang – Alpnachstad line, one will therefore be able to marvel at one or two special transports with the red wagons for the Drachenberg in the future.

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